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Looking for?:

I am looking for a level designer that can create either our exterior / outdoor levels or our interior / indoor levels. The level designer should be very comfortable working in Unity3d and familiar with the lighting processes. Talent with game play and level flow are expected and each level should be a memorable experience for the player. You should be experienced and comfortable working in a quasi-medieval fantasy style with elements of steam punk in later stages of the game. Levels should look and "feel" realistic and immersive using physical based rendering.

For what?:

The game that this position is for is an old school western style role playing game titled, "Embers of the Gods" (see the link below). It is currently in the prototyping phase with the vertical slice / playable demo nearing completion.


I am looking for a full time level designer to work in tandem with another level designer to handle all of our interior and exterior levels. It should be fine if your skills lean heavily toward either task because our current level designer is comfortable with both. Two level designers should be able to synergize their efforts and inspire each other as they develop our outdoor regions and interior levels in a modular fashion.


This position will not pay until funding is acquired and production begins. At that time, the internship changes to a full time position for which I will pay indie rates circa $12 to $18/hr and provide a small share of profitable revenue. During the internship, you may be asked to develop pertinent assets to determine efficacy and proper fit for the team, but not required to submit any unpaid work.


Applications without reference work or portfolios will most likely be ignored. Please include links to your up to date or most recent online portfolio's, and/or other reference work that is relevant to the position. Fluent English speaking residents of the United States preferred.


Game's website:
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