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I am happy to announce Anatomy and figure sculpting mentoring program , a program which combine theory, practice and design principles with constructive critiques to help you learn and improve on your figurative art .its using century old  manter<=>apprentice type methodology with a modern twist. Program is flexible , modular and allow for structured step by step or more free flowing approach to learning ,no matter which both provide all that necessary feedback needed for a fast growth and improvement

Key points of the program :

- Goal oriented project based mentoring method

- Personalized learning plan based on your preferences and skill level

- In-depth constructive critiques with multilevel hierarchy

- Weekly assignments and wide variety of exercises

- Monthly progress review and learning plan update/"One thing"

- Learning and memorization strategies

- Workflow analysis

- Mini tutorials, notes/tips  and examples 

- References,charts,book and tutorial lists

- Option for single critique and review session

About your mentor[that be me]

My name is Vladimir probably most of you know me as  "carvuliero" [my nickname on Polycount] I have been doing 3d for almost 10 years several of which working as freelance character artist/generalist .During the years my interest in anatomy slowing grow inspired by various artist and teachers to a healthy obsession .I have learned from a lot of great people along the way and this programs in my small attempt to pay it forward
Help me help you

Testimonials :

As a professional 3D character artist I have benefited from my formal and informal education in anatomy and sculpture. Over the past few years I have been feeling my progress slow down as it got more and more difficult to find artists/teachers/mentors who were capable enough to keep pushing me forward. I was so lucky to cross paths with Vladimir! His attention to detail, deep understanding of anatomy and ability to clearly communicate what needs to be done where has been invaluable. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get to that next level in their art go with Vladimir - he will get you there! 
    Sara Wilde[Sarish7]

Vladimir helped me develop my anatomy sculptor skills through regular and extremely clear feedback. He reliably gave clear instructions, fantastic references and useful paint overs that elevated my understanding of anatomical form and detail more than any tutorial or course I had taken in the past.

Vladimir is a master in anatomy, I have learn from great artists but not all teach you all the forms and shapes of the body. He is not just showing you what you may be doing wrong , but he also provide examples you can follow for your character and a lot of anatomy resources. At first can be a bit overwhelming but with time and hard work you can see it all worth it. I really appreciate all the help he gave me.
    André Anselmo[aanselmo]

As someone who has been practicing 3D art for the past seven years, I have to say that I had not had a person help me out as much in improving my anatomy as Vladimir. He spent a week just helping me out and pointing out all the anatomical imperfections in my models that I was posting on the polycount.com forums. He has meticulous attention to detail and can tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your work, going as far as providing reference materials and drawing over my models even though he was just helping me out as a stranger and a newcomer for free. I would say that even though I had watched many video tutorials on anatomy, nothing helps more than having someone mentoring you.
    Andres Zambrano

Contacts :

You could PM me here on Polycount or send email at [email protected]


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    carvuliero quad damage
     AnatomyMentor Summer Update :

    There are still 2 available positions for the summer edition of AnatomyMentor program so if you plan to use the summer break to work on your portfolio or want to improve your characters and learn some anatomy[both realistic and stylized] , AnatomyMentor specially design mentoring program can definitely help you with that
    For any questions and inquires send an email at [email protected]

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    carvuliero quad damage
    AnatomyMentor Update :

    End of the year always been my preferred time to refresh and update my anatomy knowledge because of that AnatomyMentor program will be 50% off for the next 2 months
    Also if you want to check your current work for correctness I will be giving one time critiques
    Feel free to contact me at : [email protected]

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    carvuliero quad damage
    2020 New Year Update :

    First Id like to wish everyone happy and prosperous  New Year

    I have few new stuff prepared for this year :
    - New critiques will be mostly video of me either paint over or sculpt over your work explaining what where how and why is incorrect or can be improved in some way
    - New brutally intensive program for people that want to improve fast

    - I know there are a lot of people that want but cant afford someone to help them because of that I will be giving 1 year mentoring for free
    You have 2 weeks to convince me that you are passionate hardworking and persistent enough to win, how I do that you might ask that;s up to you use your brain
    Also I will be giving free critiques every end of the month , models have to be finished or very close to finish ,I will pick few every month and give them a proper critique so your work has to be good to qualify

    So If you want to know where why and how or simple want to improve your art let me help you

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    carvuliero quad damage
    2021 New Year Update ::

    Happy new year everyone !

    I have rethink and update my system now with more focus on forms and tool that explain form [high points, corners , cross section ,contour  planes all that good stuff ] I found this approach faster to learn, easy to remember and get correct form quickly
    Registration for this year is now open , anybody interested lets talk

    Lets make some magic
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    carvuliero quad damage
     AnatomyMentor Summer Update :

    Summer BootCamp
    Duration : 3 months[ starting Monday 12] possible extension per individual request
    Structure : step by step [ each month focus on set of important topics ]

    Below are each month with it's most important topics
    -Block in ,proportions , big form and planes
    -Muscles ,secondary from and transitions
    -Polish, pose and composition for sculpture
    *for entire duration - Aesthetic, gesture, design principles

    Or with a bit more words first month will be mannequin stage where 70-80% of final look will be complete ,Main focus will be on body type proportion and movement or gesture .On second stage big form will spit in to secondary form which are everyone's favorite "muscles" further splitting the body in to few big area to focus on individual muscles and their relations .Third stage will focus on surface form bringing everything together and posing the character in to pose that work from multiple views

    There will be personal critique and question session after each assignment
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    carvuliero quad damage

     AnatomyMentor Summer Update :

    I will be doing figure construction mentorship .The main focus will be on fundamental knowledge necessary to construct a figure in both symmetry and pose [if there is interest we can working on action poses ] Expect a lot of starting and maybe one project push a bit further , lots of small exercises on various subjects .

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    carvuliero quad damage

     AnatomyMentor Fall[Autumn] Update :

    Back to good old anatomy we will be focusing on groups and individual muscle in multiple views [3/4s, above and below included] which should give as clear picture of how muscles look in the round [3d]

    Even tho we will be sculpting most of the time there are some simple drawing exercise to speed things up and reinforce the learning process [2d artist are welcome to join this time around as most assignments can be completed in 2d as well ]

    All of the material has been revised and simplified to the most important core which will make whole learning experience easier and fun

    Main points that we will be touching :

    - muscle in multiple views

    - analysis of various reference material

    - O/I ,fiber direction , planes and orientation

    - muscle maps / cable muscles

    - simplify shape/form of muscle/groups

    - proportion/relation of shape/forms

    - visual tools [contrast line , line between the function, rhythm line and many more ]

    - observation, tips and tricks

    - application aka how to use all of the above in your art

    If most of the terms above doesn't make any sense that great then you will learn a lot

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