[UE4][WIP] "DM-LastBattle" DM/TDM map for Unreal Tournament

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Hello Polycount,
My first UT map!
Decided to challenge myself and create a playable map with my own level design and art. 
huge fan of UT, Quake, and FPS in general and just get knowledge in the new field for me would be a great plus for sure.
Let's start!
First of all, I want to say HUGE THANKS to all Level Designers who share their knowledge. You are the best!
So, I decided to create an open and symmetrical map just because it's easier for the first map and I got inspired with the layout from Call of Duty maps where they are mostly symmetrical, have 3 main roads with the main chokepoint in the middle, like the main battle arena, and a couple on the side.
My main idea was - there must be an arena in the middle where should be the main chokepoint with "quad damage" ^_^*
This is my "layouts":

• First Idea •

From this "idea Sketch", I decided to stick only with the background
next iteration 

• the ∞ iteration after weeks of playtesting •

I changed quite a lot - introduce height in the level and started to prototype meshes and terrain
• the ∞+1 iteration after weeks of playtesting •

This is my last iteration after some playtesting with bots and friends.

Gameplay video

I think my blockout is finished and I can start the whitebox stage.
I'm fully open for feedback and new information about level design!


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