[Closed] High Quality Stylized Vegetation Assets

Hey everyone,

I am in need of some high quality stylized vegetation (trees, shrubs, grass, etc) for my upcoming game Brimstone Brawlers

The world of Brimstone is a fantasy mix of Victorian and Medieval architecture, culture and technology. 

The assets would need to be a stylized mix of handpainted and PBR, something between current Wow (BFA) and Overwatch vegetation and will be viewed in game from the top down at at ~45 degree angle (check out the gameplay video for the in-game camera angle). 

The game is made in Unreal Engine.

Ideally funding will be calculated on a per asset basis. I will need a fair few assets created up front with a high probability of more work/assets down the track as I create new maps for the game. 

I also have an interest in prop/environment artists with the same style for future prop creation.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected] - NOTE: Portfolio work with vegetation is a must.



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