how can i mix sss with refraction?

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Hi fellas,
i wanted to mix in a refractive area on a SSS Object.So it has translucent areas on the edges,like on teeth or fingernails.
I saw that i can put an albedo with alpha into the SSS map to break the PBR and switch to lambert shader at this areas.
this works not that bad as far as Transparency stays set to NONE.
As soon as i set Transparency to Refraction it does not work like expected.Even piutting the albedo with alpha into the Mask slot and Choose A(alpha) wont help.
the area that gets masked out has nearly no albedo at all, more like a dark glass.

the stored in alpha works per se,as i see it by choosing the transparency->CUTOUT option.

maybe the guys from Marmoset can help here?


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