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Lether polycounter lvl 4
Good evening Polycounters !

Here is my last work based on Roberto Gatto artwork and concept ( ). Make sure to see his awsome art.

I struggled with the bone-blade. I tried to simulate a SSS effect with a thickness map plugged to a gradient map in substance designer but I am not fully satisfied with the result. If someone have suggestion about how "to level up" my bone material I would be happy :)

One question come to my mind : does my asset fit the game industry standard (modeling, texturing, ...) ? I modeled first a high poly. I sculpted little details like letters, cracks on the blade, etc. Then I retopo to produce a low poly and I baked everything in Substance designer. I produced an ID-map in photoshop (because I didn't know about vertex color in blender... shame :p ). Then I textured in substance designer and outputed the four maps baseColor, roughness, metallic, normal (which are only for the knife, not for the sheath). In my job I use realtimes techniques but not oriented for game or entertainment. So maybe the tech are slightly different. 

If you have feedback, please feel free to write me what you think.

Have a good night and thank you for your time !

This is the concept art you can find full view here :

Here is my work :


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