low poly weapons for game scenes -concept art-

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abdellatif azizi 3D polycounter lvl 4

hi guys i need your advices !!!


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    Hey, it's clear you're just starting out, so I commend you for trying to complete your projects. That said, there is a lot that needs to be worked on with both of the models and materials. What kind of criticism are you looking for? Did you work from any concept drawings? What is the intended use of these? How did you generate your textures?  
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi polycount lvl 666
    1. The design for both needs to be better.  Neither are appealing
    2. Commendation for you actually finishing these objects
    3. Not many modern game engines use reflection or refraction maps, though I see you  rendering this in Vray.  Did you want these to be game ready or stay in a fixed render?
    4. How do I stab someone with a bayonet that doesn't reach past the barrel of the pistol?
    5. How do I shoot a pistol with no trigger?
    6. How does my bayonet stay on the pistol if there's nothing to secure it to the pistol barrel?
    7. Your wear and tear details are barely localized nor reflect how most weapons tend to get damaged.  It feels like you didn't use your  references to that depth.
    8. The material differences between metal, wood, and plastic are not apparent given how simple and unrefined your specularity driving maps are.  You needed to spend more time on it.
    9. These need to be baked from high poly models to really take advantage of a tangent normal map, or what you labeled bump.
  • Peppek1993
    I'm no expert myself but "low poly" and "13 317 polygons" don't really go well together aswell. Are you sure about that count? Looks like thats your high poly count, which is meaningless here since I assume you only used that actual highpoly to bake maps

    But that's just a small side note.
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