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Tevin node
I recently got messaged on artstation by a guy called Robert frost who is apparently an executive producer and writer with a comic book company called Planet 817. when he first contacted me it was because he was looking for someone to helm a Comic series called Toxin, but at the time I couldn't do it because I was still at University.

however, since I recently graduated from university and decided to contact him to see if the offer is still available and he said that they have someone for the toxin series but they are looking for someone to do Concept art for a Dark ranger series which is like a spin-off from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mythos. Long story short I wanted to know  do I charge him or not for the character concept art and if I do how much should I charge as this is the first time I'm doing concept art for someone else and I don't want to be overcharging him that he doesn't want to work with me again especially with my skill level isn't at the level of someone like at Atomhawk etc. but I really could use the money and experience of working with a client.

My artwork:

as far materials I'm doing all of this digitally on a Wacom Cintiq 13hd using Krita painting program

I did have a admin on polycount share a link to a document or contract that I could give someone but that was for when I had someone want to buy one of my artwork for an esports logo so I dont know if this contract and link about pricing would help as when I used the pricing from the link for logo pricing that person flat out stopped messaging me

the document and links


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