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behzadjh triangle
here you are guys my last work.
for this project i used 3ds max-zbrush-photoshop-substance painter-world machine and speed tree(first time using worldmachine)
how i create this?
1_gather references 
2_create landscape in world machine and import it to ue4 and do some clean up
3_create landscape material
4_block out castle in ue4 and then start making it in 3ds max
5_using 3dsmax for base shape of rocks and cliffs and give them detail in zbrsuh,after that i create two mesh of each object lowpoly and high,and for more clean up i import lowpoly one to 3dsmax to clean up unnecessary polygons,and then time to import it to substance painter for baking and texturing
6_create grass and trees in speed tree(not all foliage in the scene are mine,i used some pre made assets to saving time)
7_place meshes to the scene
8_set light,shadows....
and you can find a video of this scene in my instagram account(behzad_jh)


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