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maiz triangle
Hello everyone,
I'm currently trying to get back into completing my portfolio but i can't quite focus myself.
I want to become an environment and prop artist, or maybe even weapon artist, and I'm mostly into hard surface.
If someone could help me with deciding which direction i need to take my portfolio to and tell me where i am in terms of skill it would be greatly helpful.

I'm also not sure how many more works i need to fill before i start sending my portfolio, and what would be ideal to fill it with for someone who is a environment/hard surface artist.
Thanks in advance!


  • Doxturtle
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    Doxturtle polycounter lvl 4
    Hey Maiz, you've got some nice work in your portfolio.


    The carbine is a nice model, nicely presented. Some nitpicking here but you the chipping on the wood feels a bit blobby and there is a hard edge that you can see on the handle.

    Looking at the wireframe there are a lot of pointless edge loops that you could remove to optimise this model further.

    Gas station:

    The props are solid but the structure around it is pretty bad, from a structural point it doesn't make much sense so it ends up looking weird. Think about how things would be built in real life, at the moment it looks like the metal would just sag in the bottom and there doesn't seem to be any attachment to the poles. Look up real reference for these kind of structures, it helps to build things as if you were constructing them in real life. 

    You have these plants and moss around the scene, but the props seem to have magically repelled any wear. It would be nice to see some rust build up, bits of moss growing up the barrel, leaks from where the metals rusted through etc. If that nozzle is sitting on the wet ground its going to be pretty rusted and grimey. 


    Its a cool model, I am interested to see how you handled the shape. Again you've presented it nicely. As a portfolio piece I don't think its going to be worth that much, its a single prop and it isn't really optimised for game use. 


    Its a nice model, I don't have much crit. There does seem like theres some places you could get rid of a few needless polys. 

    IMO I think it would be nice to see some bigger pieces in your portfolio, you have environment artist in your title but no environments. With a full environment you'd show you can do a lot more of the process than just single props. 
  • maiz
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    maiz triangle
    Thank you so much for your thorough comment on each model! I should do more research next time i do an environment such as the gas station and not smaller details more.
    I'll take your advice on trying to work on bigger props or environments, it's just that I've not done a whole environment yet and I'm still not sure how to complete one but i'll make it a goal. Or at least make more complex props i guess.
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