Need a bit of help on understanding how to texture modular assets or buildings with tiling materials


So I've really sort of jumped into the deeper end these last couple of weeks and I'm trying to learn as much as possible that's used in the industry and looking around I haven't really found what I've been looking for so I thought I'd ask it on here. So my question is which is the correct approach to texturing a building for example that does make use of multiple tiling textures or how would you go about texturing a modular building/wallpiece. 

I mainly use substance painter now for my texturing and I was scratching my head earlier trying to figure out how to go about it exactly because if you texture let's say one concrete wall and one brick and do that in Substance painter you'll now have 2 separate materials and more if you kept doing it that way for each wall variation, I am guessing studios combine everything into one map or use a different method but I haven't been able to figure out how it's done exactly think it was called trim sheets. 

Here is how i normally texture my buildings this was an old project though over a year ago now I basically saved out my uv map and textured the shells in photoshop. I'm guessing this isn't the way to go about doing it I looked at some maps for Assetto Corsa and couldn't find one of their buildings that looked like this they all just looked like one big compiled texture set. 

I am guessing the workflow is like the below for props though? 

My method from an old project: 


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