JROTools Art Blast - 2018

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Jonas Ronnegard Polycount Sponsor
This is a collection of art that was created to present JROTools products created in 2018 but without all the PR and text from the original images. Please support the artists that participated in creating the art and tools by visiting their pages that are linked in the artstation description. Wasn't sure how many images I could upload here so for full Art Blast go to Artstation.

Full Art Blast & Video - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/A9ZOgo

Substance Masters
Ben Wilson, Vinicius Ribeiro, Ilan Shoshan, Enrico Tammekänd, Clark Coots, Max Golosiy,
ZBrush Masters
Mickael Lelièvre, Maarten Verhoeven,
Custom Work
Aleksey Kudryavtsev, Andrew Voelkl,
AD & Other stuff
Jonas Ronnegard

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