Concept Sketching help? Time Machine Booth

Hello, I've been trying to learn a lot about technical 3D work but I need to focus on getting better at general design so I've been trying to sketch some concept thumbnails. This is all an idea of a Time Machine Booth. The idea was that time traveling become so common in a world that there are commercial time machines out in public like how there's vending machines or photo booths.

Any critique or tips on sketching helps. Feel free to suggest a direction I should go. I'm not sure if I should keep sketching new ideas or start narrowing down like on the second page.
Thanks :smile:

This is my first page, I tried to make many different shapes and styles

I decided a few to focus more on and tried to make different versions of those.

This is all of the references I gathered before sketching. I used pureref. I didn't have a specific direction I wanted to go in so its pretty scattered.

Thanks for looking :smile:


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