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We are in the late stage of developing Second Hand: Frankie's Revenge (Steam Page) and we have a backlog of 3D assets that need to be created. I'm looking for a 3D artist to model and texture these pieces following our existing art style and the concepts that will be provided. See renders of some existing items at the end.

About the Assets
All assets are hard surface, fairly small in size and fall in one of the following categories:

- Skins for robot parts. 
In Frankie's Revenge, you build robots out of everyday parts, like fridges, chainsaws, washing machines, etc. We have base parts and need several skins for each. Some skins are just texture changes, others include geometry changes and all skins are based on a concept.
- Skins for "Hideout" props. Players can customize their Hideout by skinning certain items. For example, there's a TV in the room and there will be several types to choose from (old school CRT, modern LCD TV, retro-futuristic rounded TV, etc.).
- Environmental props. Some of these are bigger but most are small random items that fill some role in our game world, e.g. battery holders, corks, energy cells, fishing drones etc.

- Must respect our art style, i.e. using the right level of geometric detail, having thick, rounded bevels, clean textures (low noise), etc.
- Assets created in either 3DS Max or Maya
- Deliverables will include model in source format and FBX export + textures for albedo, normal and metallic maps.
- Availability for direct communication with our Lead Artist using Skype or Slack during regular European working hours.

How to Apply
To apply please PM me. Tell me a bit about yourself (but please keep it brief) and include a link to your portfolio.

Thanks for reading!


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