Sketchbook: ScotchTapeWorm


I've mostly been a lurker on the forums, but I want to become more active, so I thought a sketchbook thread will be good.

I have bad working habits, and a difficult time deciding projects. I feel like I need to specialize, when I really don't want to say bye to all the other aspects of creating that I enjoy. Maybe if I do 1 hour of anatomy a day, and maybe that is good enough. then the rest of the time I can be creative in other areas. is 1 hour a day even good enough to get good at something? I just can't fathom doing only 1 thing for several hours a day and never being able to do other things I enjoy. I have a tendency towards thinking in extremes, so this is why I thought maybe an hour a day in a specialization (Human character art starting with anatomy) will be good. Then once this is a habit, I an decide if I want to increase the time to 2 hours.

I just also want to do programming, low poly art, 2d animation, etc. I love creating, and I want to do it all, I'm tired of spinning my wheels, but I don't want to give up everything else that I don't specialize in. So I don't know. Something I have been struggling with for several years.

Here is my eye I sculpted from looking at the mirror. I did this in about 20 minutes (the other part of the hour was watching a sculpting video, and drawing female eyes. I I was having a hard time doing the sculpt of the eye by itself because i didn't have a head for context.

Super simple low poly frog wip for a retro style video game I was working on last night. There is something fun about low poly low res textures. Obviously this isn't done, and I need to give him fingers and toes. I did this mostly as a test, but it was fun.


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