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Rocket Pig Games is looking for Tile Set artists

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Our next Kickstarter is just about ready to launch and we will start thinking about next years Kickstarter projects.
Currently we do all our Tilescape tiles in house, but are are looking to expand.

We are looking for a couple of experienced Zbrush artists to work with.
Artists must have these skills:

  • Understanding of how our Tilescape works (our full Dungeons Core Set is FREE on Thingiverse.com)
  • professional level in Zbrush sculpting
  • familiarity with optimizing/Exporting STLs from Zbrush
  • proficient with 3D printing (or at least how it works)
  • proficiency producing water-tight models with no overhangs that will print without the need for supports
  • ability to meet deadlines

    *** Must provide related images, samples, or portfolio website.

Interested applicants can email Joseph at [email protected]

Thank you
Rocket Pig games


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