[Paid] Talented Unity 3D Game Level Designer Needed (Art Direction)

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1. This project is a VR mobile zombie shooting game, we need you to help to design/layout a dirty and massive sewerage scene with given modular 3d models which including props and decals. 
2. We will provide the whole Unity3D project, and need you to work with Unity3D game engine.

What we need you to help to do:
1. Experienced with Unity3D game engine
2. Modify some models and textures(if needed)
3. Add lighting set up in Unity 3D (relighting in Unity3D), make it feel the more horrible and hallowed atmosphere.
4. Using the given props to fill up/layout this scene, and make it looks dirty and in a mess.
5. You can use any 3D software(Maya, 3DSMax, etc...) to modify models and textures, and at last, just provide us the whole finished Unity3D project files.

Please check out the detailed introduction here:

We can accept all hourly work or fixed price, please let me know your estimated time and rates.


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