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Deformable Surface 2.0

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Requirements: DX11 & Shader Model 5.0 support 

This asset allows you to create and manage the system with realtime volumetric surface deformation. You might already noticed similar feature in some AAA titles. Such feature will definitely make your game more dynamic and realistic looking. To achieve the best performance it uses true power of compute shaders along with DX11 hardware tessellation.

* Edit surface with brush or import heightmap. Just like Unity built-in Terrain
* Well-configurable. Mesh size, map resolution, blend height, deformation smoothing, speed, layer mask and tesselation settings 
* Well-optimized. Let GPU deal with it! 
* Deformation state save / load and physics implementation 
* PBR shaders
Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/76468

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