Price Estimate for Creating Simple 2D Illustrations

Hi, I am looking for estimates for creating 20 flat illustrations similar to the ones below. It’s a very simple style, all clean lines. I drew the examples myself using Krita, so it would not need to be complex at all. I am looking for someone who can get low-budget drawings like these done quickly. Can be done by hand or illustrator (although illustrator preferred). Each illustration will either be a basic character or object, as shown below. Each would be standalone; no background required. Just a basic character as shown below. Open to other styles, as long as they are suitable for children/educational purposes. The illustrations will ultimately be used as 2D cutouts inside inside 3D Blender animations. However, no animation work beyond the simple drawings is needed, as I will do that myself. Images would need to be sent as PNGs or (preferably) SVGs.

I am looking for someone to collaborate on illustrations of similar style for future projects. Please link to your portfolio or send similar images you've done. 

Thank you!

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