ZBRush wrecks UVs problem (SOLVED)

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fattkid polycounter lvl 10
SOLUTION: Use GoZ, as it does not reorder points on import/export like default .obj import/export does.

I have a simple character bust model . I exported out the lowest subd level from ZBrush to UV it. Then, reimported back into ZBrush. Now, when I export the mesh out of ZBrush again, the UVs appear the same, but are in fact broken – The poly faces wind up mostly separated/detached, and welding edges causes the UVs to stretch all over the place, like the vert/point order is all messed up. 

This only happens on one subtool, which was created via ZRemesher. My other subtools that I modeled and imported are fine, and behave as expected.

Any ideas or suggestions to help me fix this would be much appreciated. Already tried messing with the Export options in ZB.

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