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Remove accept window after accepting


Valve pls. Or minimize the window in a cool way so you can keep warming up while in queue. Cant go to console cant quit cant do nuffin. If someone doesnt accept, youre just locked out of the game for that period of time. Early in the panorama update you were able to pres Esc and the window would go away but still connect if all 10 accepted.[url=https://downloader.vip/rufus/][color=#333333]https://downloader.vip/rufus/[/color][/url] [url=https://appsync.biz/123movies/][color=#333333]appsync.biz/123movies/[/color][/url] [url=https://ovo.fyi/gomovies/][color=#333333]https://ovo.fyi/gomovies/[/color][/url]

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