A Well Respected World War 2 Mod For Arma 3

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Hello there

I'm one of the 3D artists for a very popular and well respected world war 2 mod for Arma 3 called "Faces of War"
We already have had a few releases and received very good feedback but are looking to expand our team a little. Arma 3 is a very diverse game with
endless possibilities and a lot of freedom to create what you want and bring to life in game. We already have a good selection of units from US,UK,German,Jap all with there own arsenal and some vehicles and custom maps. A link can be found to the mod here which a few of our British paratroopers can be seen in the screenshots https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=891433622

If you have an interested in world war 2 or would like to find out more about our mod please contact me and we can go from there.
Many thanks
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