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Blender unwrap issues

polycounter lvl 3
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David_T polycounter lvl 3
Started using blender to slowly move away from 3ds max but felt i hit a major roadblock that kind of makes me decidedly stick back to it, because i feel the unwrapping tools in blender are heavily lacking.

i am using smart UV project and it unwraps it on first sight nicely but on closer sight every FACEof the object is seperate... every FACE its so backwards did i miss a setting in one of the thousands hidden in plain sight?
because modelingwise blender is hella okey totally doable (no smoothing groups i find a issue) but other then tht more then doable

any ideas why it does that???

the great pieces outside the UV space are ones i just pulled randomly they are all loose, im sure i am missing something (also no relaxing tools in blender ???)

would greatly appreciate the help because im frustrated also its annoying i cant keep my blender shortcuts but maintain the 3ds max viewport movement i find it also quite restrictive


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