Copy/Past foliage to another Streaming level ?

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Hello Polycount community.

I have an issue with the Foliage tool inside Unreal engine. Actually I have two world that are inside two different streaming level. The player can change from one world to another. I want to have the first world be like the second one on some aspect.

One thing I want to do is to have two different foliage type. But in the same place (like a green oak-tree in the world 1 become a red  birch-tree in the world 2). So naturally I started to create some foliage inside the world 1 and then I wanted to copy past the painted foliage inside the world 2 and then modify the displayed mesh.

But currently I CAN'T copy past foliage. I can move it from one level to another but I can't copy/past it.
Do you have a solution about this ? The documentation of unreal don't say anything about that. Do I need (or can) modify the Unreal editor with some C++ code to add this basic feature ?

Thank you for your help :)


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