Sci-fi/fantasy Open World Survival Game. Programmers & Substance/texturers needed!

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Lexi null

Hello all,

Let's get straight into it!

This game is an open world multiplayer survival game taking place on large map composed of a main jungle island and other land masses separated by rivers and ocean, crawling with native creatures.

You have crash landed your spacecraft onto this island. You have nothing, your ship exploding in the process, you are lucky to have survived. Or were you? 

Welcome to Kirakkou - a gorgeous island landscape with aesthetic visuals and tamable creatures. It's up to you to craft items from your Knowledge Tree, harvest resources, craft and build structures and bases, as well as weapons and tools to tame the wildlife for your advantage. Getting bored with single player? Join the multiplayer servers on Kirakkou and find or make your own Clan. Work together to become feared among other clans and tame even more powerful beasts. Make alliances, enemies and friends. Explore, craft, tame. Survive.

* This is in early idea brainstorming stages, so all new ideas or thoughts are welcome. 

The Kirakkou Team (Who i'm C U R R E N T L Y looking for!)

- Concept artist/Management (Myself) 

- 3D MODELER**/artist (s)

- Substance painters/textures 

- Programmer (s) (Graphic/object/inventory/multiplayer/crafting etc..)

Future Skills Needed

- Model animator

- Level designer

- Digital 2D artists for species hand-book. 

- Testers


(You don't have to be professional, but good experience and understanding of how to do certain tasks is very appreciated!!

Feel free to message me with inquiries or questions. If you are wanting to apply/join the Kirakkou Project send me a message. 

PLEASE (Add in examples of your work, what job you are applying for, a little bit about yourself and any past experience!)

* I will add you on discord if your application is successful! This has to be a friendly, communicative and determined team. (So only apply if you are certainly interested) 😛


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