Exporting animation with scale from 3dsmax not working as expected.

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Andyc polycounter lvl 4

I'm testing out animation exporting from 3ds max to unity and come across some unexpected results. I've basically got a box which scales in size from 0 to 100 over  20 frames. But when I export it to unity and check the animation preview there is no animation. The weird thing is if i take exactly the same box and switch the key frames around so that it scales from 100 to 0 it works and I see the scale down to nothing as expected in the preview window.
Can anyone explain this or provide a solution? I've also tried skinning the box to a dummy and animating that but it doesn't seem to work either. I know unity can handle simple animations like this but I need a solution where I can animate in 3ds max and just export directly to .fbx without having to fiddle with anything inside unity.



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