Game disign education in Denmark

Hi people of polycount!

Are here (for sure they are!) people from Denmark? Can you advise the opportunities of studying game design in Denmark? 


  • Gustavo_Elliott
    Hello @Dasha_Canavar , I see this has not gotten a reply yet. I do not live in Denmark so I cannot provide insight into in-person learning in that country but no matter, anytime someone asks me how they can start learning game design, I tell them to start learning on their own that way they can get an idea of the direction they want to head and what they want to focus on, if making games ends up being what they actually want to do.  

    I'll reiterate and say that attending a large school right off the bat can be more volatile to your learning process and can end up being huge wastes of money if it ends up not being your thing. I recommend following tutorials online in the area you are interested in whether it be programming or art. 
  • Dasha_Canavar
    @Gustavo_Elliott Oh, I sorry, I haven’t been here for a while.. But really thanx for commenting! And it is exactly what I am doing now. I started studying 3d from online tutorials and until now I feel like it is something I had to do all my life :)))) But of course future will show is it true or not :)))
  • Spoon
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    Spoon polycounter lvl 6
    Do you want to study game design or art for games and film?
    if the latter, look into The Animation Workshop in Viborg.
  • Dasha_Canavar
    @Spoon  Actually I still do not know what exactly I want to do. I am a fine artist, and I want to apply my artistic skills in a usefull and needed sphere. Thanks for the advise! I will investigate the animation workshop (I think I herd of it)
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