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  • I’m a 3D animation student at Pratt Institute currently working on his senior thesis film and using unreal engine 4 to render the film. I have been experiencing an issue with the game engine. 

  •  This is basically what has been happening to me. I import a rigged character into unreal from maya, import all the other assets that I created in maya into unreal, set up the environment, and I then export the environment, not the rig, from unreal to maya. I open the environment that that exported from unreal in maya, then reference the character rig into the scene from another maya file and make multiple copies of that scene and animate the rig doing different things. In particular maya scenes, I parent an object, for example, a cell phone, to the referenced character’s hand. However, this is when the huge issue begins to happen. I can’t get the parented object to appear in unreal. The animation imports and works in unreal, but the cell phone completely disappears. 

  •  The only solution that I have come up with is to export from maya a character and the object parented to it, but then I have the issue of how import into unreal the character throwing an object. In one of my scenes, a character throws a bottle of pills.

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