Question from a total beginner (HELP!)

So, I was asked to produce some 3D art if possible for a friend.  I have ZERO experience, never touched it, although I do know PS and Illustrator a bit.  I was hoping someone could just tell me honestly if I can do this or not, and how much time/effort it would take.  I have kids, a wife, and a job.  I want to help, but I am busy.  I can put in a few hours a week into making the designs, but that is about it.  I would get paid, so that is a plus.

Also what program would be able to do this type of work?  It doesn't seem complex, and most of the shapes seem basic.

Here are some examples I have of the type and complexity of what he would need:

TL;DR:  Can a total n00b at 3D art with 0 experience and 2-3 hours a week learn to do the above art, and what program would be best suited for this type of art?  Thank you!!!  Also, how long would it take (once proficient) to make those type of things? 

Please be honest, even if it is "hahaha no way" thanks.


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    You should be fine with those objects, to be honest their shapes are relatively simple for someone with nil experience and the compensation part would I reckon serve as a nice incentive too render your best efforts for your client coupled with working around other day to day commitments.

    Now in regards to software, well these days you're pretty much spoilt for choice, either commercial or open source and since I sense this project for the time being is a none potential career aspiration type exercise, then I would recommend taking a good look at Blender:


    ...other than being a fully featured powerful suite of tools, it's also fairly light on processing resources as well:

    System Requirements:

    And as for learning material, again you're spoilt for choice but these for the moment will do nicely:

    Lastly some parting advice, it's not a race so take your time because tackling anything new will typically seem daunting at first which is universally normal as opposed to going at it full throttle will usually only ensure a 'grinding' experience and anyway where's the fun in that :)



    By the way your self paced teaching schedule is about what I'd advise or perhaps if a possibility say 6hrs? a week, especially for those with busy households/lifestyles whereas attaining a level of competency generating the target pieces...well that's dependant upon the requisite time and effort put in but nonetheless if you honestly make an effort persevering with this then really it shouldn't take no more than the minimum timeframe required to finalise a production level output.

    So "hahaha no yes way"       

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    Thank you!!!  Ok, I will grab it and play around, I might be able to squeeze out some extra hours at night.  Cheers!
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