Twig Basket with Alfafa/Lucern and a Sickle

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Hello everyone,

I've been drilling at this and now it's finally maybe finished.
I would love some C&C if you got time. 
This will be part of a larger scene of a farm's backyard.

Sketchfab -> A Basket of Alfafa/Lucerne

This is a shot from Unreal where I moved the sickle for better composition.
The lighting was questionable until I put it inside sketchfab and the lower basket looked much lighter there too. 
The baskets share the same texture, and lightmaps are good, but everyone I asked seemed to be put off a bit by that too. What do you think?

The basket is baked from HP and painted. I painted each spot for the twigs ends oTL.
The grass is just an atlas from quixel copied and moved around in PS until I got what I wanted so the normals are kinda f'd up. Would love to hear an opinion on this if I can somehow make them better, maybe transfer normals like on trees, I'm not sure.

4k+ HI-RES shots here:


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