Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures- Buildings and Characters


We're a very small indie tabletop game company, looking for 3D modeling artists to participate in the development of an exciting new board game. We're looking for designs for both characters, creatures, and building tiles. The game will be made up a hex grid, the size of each tile up to change according to how much detail you're capable of getting into a small area.

Ideally looking for:
-Six or so human sorcerer designs.
-Imps/slime/low level creatures.
-Hounds/zombies/skeletons/medium level creatures.
-Trolls/ogres/high level creatures.
-One boss character, a hag/swamp witch. This can be larger than the other creatures.
-Modular hexagonal buildings tiles that can be stacked on top of each other.

I know this seems like a vague description, but if you have any models already made that you believe would fit, please let me know! We're looking to raise funds around February, and looking to compensate appropriately for your time, as well as continued paid work in the future if we reach our funding goal.

I've included some examples of styles and ideas.

Thank you and please message me with any questions. 

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