3D Game Art Generalist looking for entry level position

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Hey there!

I am looking for work as 3D Game Art Generalist.

I have recently graduated Game Art and Animation at the SAE Institute Stuttgart, Germany.

You can take a closer look at some of my work and my current progression over the last 9 months at my artstation portfolio: e-frame.artstation.com

2D/3D-Softwares I feel comfortable to provide professional work with are:
Maya, Substance Suite, Adobe Suite, World Creator, SpeedTree, Marmoset Toolbag,zBrush, Unreal Engine, Marvelous Designer

Softwares I am interested in learning are:
Modo, Mari, Houdini

Why hire me?

I bring to the table not only a very sturdy baseline of core skills in 3D production pipelines - I am also an 30 Year old carreer changer, who previously worked freelance as movie editor, camera operator and producer.

With 8 years of production experience in the bag, I know my way around with communicating properly to either a customer or a creative lead. I am also very determined when it comes to finishing stuff on point.

How am I on a human level?

I am a full power, sun and moon driven, experimental creativity dude and an AAA problem solver in any category. I learn faster than most people, I have rhythm in my bones and I want to be working on the pulse of our time.

Stuff I did:

Work in Progress - SciFi Environment Concept Modelling
Chest #42 - Example of extremely reducing the triangle count from a few thousands to 42.

Bawidamann Knive - of sorts. I merged the style of two of the knives of this manufacturer.

Companion "Dude"
A friend suggested I modell him the companion cube from portal. I was a little bored when texturing it so I created a mostly procedural substance designer material with a set of Icons to make 47 different skins for it. Killer! Isn´t it? ;)

Concrete Wall Material - Moss, Paint and damage amount can be adjusted with parameters.
A sort of park environment. Its mostly to showcase fooliage creation. Was part of one of the schools assigments.

A beautifull day in a valley. This piece of environment was created solely in world creator using the included textures and meshes. Focus here was to create a shot that was not only beautifull but also showed a point of view from where on the mind could travel on. Like a road for example.

Thats it for now, everything else would be repeatition. I will update as soon as I´ve finished some of the modular pieces for another environment I am creating at the moment.

Thanks for reading, I hope you might be the one that gets me that job :)


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