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[FINISHED] [Unity] Final Fantasy IX Fanart / Theater District

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praesidenter greentooth
Hello polycounters, 

as a side project, I want to recreate one of the beautiful backgrounds of Final Fantasy IX as a real-time environment. I chose the street in Lindblum where the Tantalus headquarters are, as I think the composition here is really nice and the scope is not too heavy for a side project.
Here are the reference in-game background and a piece of concept art that I found: 

So far I blocked the scene with simple geometry and planned most of my materials. I'll use a mix of custom created textures (like the trim sheets below) and in addition to that textures from Substance Source and the like.

I'm curious where this will take me and how the low-res artwork will translate into a higher resolution. I'll try to be faithful to the reference at the beginning but maybe add some props etc. to the scene if it's turning out to appear too empty.


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