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Hey everyone.  I wanted to try creating a model in time for an upcoming movie.  I've seen other artists do it before and their piece ends up being really popular when the movie is out.  I chose Godzilla: King of the Monsters which comes out in May--I figured this was enough time.  I'm attempting to create a stylized version of the pterosaur Rodan.

As far as reference goes for the style I want to shoot for, I'm looking at World of War Craft--particularly creatures like this:

I just started on this project a few weeks ago and I have a block out sculpt.  Hopefully this is a decent start.  I need feedback on forms, proportions, and possibly anatomy.  Please let me know what more I can do in this block-out stage and how I can balance the realism of the creature with the stylization I'm going for.  Thank you in advanced.


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