Soviet TugBoat.

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Hello my dear community. 
I found my old boat model I made 3 years ago. So I decided to texture it now as good as I can.
This is a Soviet Tug Boat named "Project 433/73". Produced in 1948 - 1961 years.  Still can be found on rivers and lakes. 

Albedo color:

1. Rust layer with metal edges.

2. Paint Layer. I almost don't use any Substanse Painter generator. I like to paint every scratch with my custom alphas and brushes.

3. Dirt and grunge layers: 3-4 layers of different metal textures and grange maps.

This is my top secret advansed texturing technique :smiley:
I'm waiting for your feedback regarding this textures. I'm not trying to make this model realistic. I want to make it interesting.


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