Answered: Unity Export - Metallic, Legacy not including correct textures

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I just signed up for the Indie Game subscription today. I'm really excited to use the megascan assets I bought, but I am unable to export them to Unity with textures set up for metallic/smoothness (the default Standard shader variant) and an AO texture.

Here are my export settings:

Here are my Unity importer settings and the resulting textures:

It seems to be a HDRP Mask map, even though I have set Legacy and Metallic. So there is no separate AO texture included, but if I look in the download folder of the asset (opened via Bridge), I can see the AO map!

Any advice on how I can get Legacy and Metallic to work? I really need a Metallic/Smoothness instead of Spec/Gloss or HDRP mask. I can drag over the AO texture from the download folder to my Unity project, but I'd rather the AO texture was correctly included and added to the material since I will be importing many assets.

I'm on OSX and using Unity 2018.2.10f1.



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