Looking for Substance Artists!!!

Hey there! I'm a rigger and producer on a project called Pure. It's an episodic story set in the not so distant future with an authoritarian government and a group of rebels fighting back. Trust me, it's not as derivative as it sounds, but is definitely a love letter to all our favorite films.
We've already gotten the attention of some major players in the industry, been endorsed by Pixar animators and showcased at CTN Expo in LA. This is a great opportunity!
Feel free to check out some of our work!
Trailer - https://vimeo.com/243683920

We are already cranking away on Animation but are playing catch-up with texturing. We need Substance Painter artists to help match the beautiful world we have in our massive library of concept art. If you are a Substance artist and want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to me directly or create and account and apply to the project on the link above on Artella!


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