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Wanted: Artist for Low Poly Ray Tracing

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Krypton null
I'm searching for a creative low poly artist to create one of the first ray tracing games that we gonna sell in some of the game stores (itch,steam,gog, eventually xbox live).

As ray tracing is still at its early days, I'd like our game to be visually a hybrid of low poly and low resolution, combined with realistic lighting, materials, effects. I've written tons of ray tracers, hence technically I know what I'm doing, yet I've been usually using some public 3d scenes, that's why I'd really like a 3D artist to join.
The assets are pretty modular, environment, textures, props are composed of modules, hence every 3d model you create will add a vast amount of possibilities/permutations to the game, yet you can create a completely new set of modules, which will make the world diverse and fun to explore for the player.

It's a roguelike first person game (alike Ziggurat), with a sci-fi setting. Exploring space ships/stations with all kind of interesting environments, enemies, weapons.

you: Take responsibility for all the art, either by creating it all yourself or finding artist that will take over parts.
me: I do all the code, I'll also do all remaining work that might bump up (except audio, at some point we'll need to replace the dummy stuff with professionally made stuff). Hence you'll be free to focus purely on art (unless you want more hats).

I'd suggest we'll talk in discord, drop me your contact here or via pm.


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