I need partners for indie project.

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Firstly sorry for English. I'm Brazilian and I do not speak English very well.

My name is Gerson, I am 38 years old, currently working as an IT solutions architect, programmer since always, but without any artistic ability (not for lack of ability).

I know this kind of topic is controversial, many people criticize, but I think we can get along even with adversity.

For many years I've been trying to join forces with people in Brazil (where the development of games is not very promising and the difficulties for independent productions are enormous) but I did not have much success, things did not go well, and the projects were running out. So I'm trying to get the same in other cultures, with other people.

My proposal is simple, I try to set up a small team of people with different skills to together produce an indie game. Using the project to perfect our talents, strengthen our studies and knowledge, increase the portfolio and in the way of that produce games.

I do not want to be the big boss, I want a collaborative team where the projects and decisions will be shared with everyone.

And how do I fit into this? As I said, I've been a programmer I've studied several game engines over the years, CryEngine, Unity, Hero Engine, Unreal Engine etc ... and the last few years I've dedicated and focused my progression in the UE4 which I have enough knowledge on Blueprints and also in C ++ api.

If someone wants to join this idea and use this proposal as a way to focus on studies, improve techniques, gain a sense of projects, workflow, team interaction and several other good things that can be taken from a proposal of this, look for me .

Those who do not like this idea, I apologize.

Thank you all.


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