Witch Doctor Character - Looking for feedback

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litatomi polygon
I´d like to get some feedback on this character I made for my portfolio.
It´s made in Zbrush and SP, rendered in Keyshot. 

Is there anything very wrong with it that I don´t see? 

I have 1 year left of my 3D art school and aiming to get into the gaming industry. Is this near gameready? If not, why ? :)
I´m also gonna post some UE4 renders too later

Thanks :)


  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero sublime tool
    I can see few weird stuff like pose why is she on her tip toe ? Her feel look small and fragile ,You will never be able to hold scythe like that on near end
    How did you carve heart with a scythe ? -> ceremonial dagger make more sense , no dripping blood of the heart
    I only realize it is she on a wire frame image which is my opinion is bad .Your facial anatomy look distorted .Her body is covered with stuff which create visual noise again not good  .I like the helmet tho

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