[WIP] Luxury Tower UE4

Helllo! Welcome to my first Thread on Polycout Where i'll be posting updates of my process on a personal project. Suggestions and feedback is super appreciated!

 Unlike past projects, where I choose a piece of concept art and execute it to the best of my ability. I'm approaching this Scene in a much more 'free-form' way. casting a large net of influences from mirror's edge to Arch viz and loads of other spaces that some how evoke a mood i'm trying to describe.

I set out with a set of Describing words: Futuristic, Elegant, Sophisticated, And Cinematic to help me focus on what i'm trying to make. I knew I wanted a High quality render with a couple options for camera placement.   

Block out:

I decided to focus on a spiral stair case as the focal point, and that I wanted to play with a variety of materials, I'm using the wood from the UE4 blueprint demo as a placeholder.

I Spend quite a bit of time blocking out and iterating and just trying things out to see what work and what doesn't. I decide early on that I want to make it a Night scene in a Skyscraper Tower. 

here I'm Starting to settle on a camera angle I like But i'm still trying to find a story and design principles that fit the space well.

I iterated on the staircase and experimented on having these gold decorative arches. and what the space might be like if it was larger.

Playing with a Tillable material I made in Designer to see how this pattern works in the scene.

At this point I havn't had a whole lot of extra free time to devote to the project, and I'm having a hard time developing a story and a cohesive look for the scene. I hope Sharing some of my project with you all will help me work through some of this art block. All feedback welcome!


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    Nice start, keep going! The central pillar thing will be hard to capture in reflections properly, especially with all the reflective materials around. You might consider cheating on performance a bit with it though and shoving a few too many reflection captures around it.
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