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[Released] Modular Sci Fi Corridor 1

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Forest_Cat polycounter lvl 6

This package is intented for easy and fast construction of various sci fi corridors. 


Deferred decals - mesh-based non-projected decals create all the detail. This workflow allows you to greatly reduce the number of texture maps and achieve an excellent level of detail. 
Face weighted Normals - get the smoothest geometry and lighting by specially modified vertex normals. 
Modularity - with the help of snap to the grid you can create a corridor in minutes. 
Prefab library - for each object in the package, a separate prefab is created. 
Precomputed Realtime GI - allows you to create scenes with dynamically changing lighting. 

Also in the package there is a Demo scene and a ReadMe document. After importing it will be necessary to change the render path to Differed, and the color space to Linear. You can find out how to do this by reading the ReadMe file.

Available Asset Storehttp://u3d.as/1iTc


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