Li'l Warrior

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chemotoledo polycounter
One on the last characters that I work on my free time  you can see more about it here at my art station:

Concept by: Elmolol

Here's some of the process that I made to develop this little guy. Don't hesitate to make any comment, I'll be glad to reply for any of this. 


This is the concept that I base to model and texture this character, a great concept by Elmolol, here's were I take this cool concept:

For this character I decide to model just on box modeling in Maya with a great tool that I use; Diamant Tools by Rich Diamant, here you can check more of it:

When I model a low poly character, I always try to make a good use of all triangles to give good shapes/silhouette, deformation areas and make a good analysis of what can be on texture and what with geometry, to resolve this its always good to know the camera angle where the character would be watch at most part of the time.

Then, when I think that the shapes are more or less in a good way, I start with the UVs, another interesting process with technical knowledge to make good use of the canvas/pixels.

And then, all the magic begins with the hand painted texture; volume information, light source, shadows, material definition and variations, control the HUE, values, saturation and focus points (I'm still working on that, and I think there's a long travel to take on) 

Here's the texture images:

And then, just pose the character to look more alive

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