BfA Shrine of the Storm fanart, looking for feedback

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Hello everyone! I'd like to start a thread and push this project as far as I can. Also looking to get feedback whenever possible. My goal is to have this be able to fit into the game.

So for the reference, I am using the Shrine of the Storm area in the new World of Warcraft expansion: Battle for Azeroth. I absolutely love this area, and am really excited to begin a new project with it's theme.

I have a big ref sheet, but I'll just have these two links if you are interested in the look I want to achieve.

Texture References

Initial concept! 

So I've actually fleshed out the concept a good bit while modeling and texturing. It's been a few days. I'm hoping that if I'm overlooking anything I could get some feedback. Thank you!

Note: I color picked from the texture reference while using basic lighting in marmoset to try and achieve the same look. 


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