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szczyglo polycounter lvl 4
I've got some request about baking ID map. Please add options to bind individual color ID to material. There was situation when after baking maps in Toolbag and painting lowpoly in Substance I needed to back and split some parts of the model, modifying and assign new materials. After rebake new models HP to LP in Toolbag, ID map has new random color set. So I needed to reassign it again in SubstanceP.
(Or I missed something.)


  • EarthQuake
    When using the Material ID output, the colors are automatically chosen, using colors as mathematically different as possible. When you add more materials, you will see changes in the overall color choice for all materials.

    If you need specific material colors, you can set the values in the albedo slot of your high poly model, and then bake an albedo map.

    Alternatively, if you're using the albedo values for a base color map, you can add an emissive slot, set the color, and bake an emissive map to generate a material ID map with custom colors.
  • szczyglo
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    szczyglo polycounter lvl 4
    Ok, that's clear. Thank's. Btw. great Tool. After my first try to bake maps in Toolbag I never used any other tools for baking :) Good job!
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