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Hello! I thought I'd take a break from the witch project since I've been working on it for far too long, and need a breather. 
It's almost that spooky time of year and with the RE2 remake announcement and the Retrogasm competition ending got me thinking about doing an older character myself!
It took a lot of deciding but I settled on Lisa Garland from Silent Hill.
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I'm hoping to have this all done and ready to go by the end of September, just to give myself a deadline to adhere to.

Here's what I have so far for her face! I've been watching Castle Rock and thought Sissy Spacek's face was a pretty interesting one to get inspiration from, so her nose here is a little more turned upwards. Still need to tweak the inside of her ear because from the middle view it looks odd. Not entirely set on her lips either so those might change as well.
Man I wish I had Marvelous Designer for this part, since I'd be through it in a breeze! I think her proportions are looking pretty tidy but of course if any thing looks off critique and comments are welcome!
I might change the wrinkles on her arms since they make the cardigan appear thicker than I think it should be. Gotta make those wrinkles smaller!

Anyways pretty happy with where I am, this week is going to be about refining her clothing a little more and starting to add some detail to her face.


  • TaulNotShort
    Was really hoping to be closer to finished on the Hi-poly, but because of a ton of technical issues and just overall lack of time I'm still working on the details. Got a little bit of feedback  and lengthened her feet and her legs. Thinned them out a little too. Softened her face a little and tweaked some of her features.
    Still need to work on her shoes, but for now I'm going to focus on her hands, since I think they were too small when I started modeling, and weren't as defined as I want them to be.

    Comments and critique are super welcome!
  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero polycounter
    I think  you doing great and because of that will give you just a few pointers

  • TaulNotShort
    @carvuliero Thank you for the pointers! I made some edits based off the comments, and I do think she looks less starved now. Rounded out her brow too, and pretty much worked on the pointers you gave!
  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero polycounter
    Deepest part of temporal line is around brow line level [image1] . Are her ears real or your improvisation , there is almost not lobe and they are straight up and down while most often ears are on a diagonal [easy fix just mask whole area around the eye blur the mask and rotate its counterclockwise ] also connection with the jaw in 3/4 view is still looking weird .Side view : jaw should end around mid point .Side view : eyes are probably set too deep and eye lid are on straight line[image3] Check mouth corner and teeth cylinder and how there is few steps that forms make to reach the lips , probably my example is exaggeration but this forms are in every person[image2] .

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