Physically accurate Photoshop color mixer/group manager updated - MixColors 3.0

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I updated my MixColors panel for Adobe Photoshop!

Next generation of color swatches: Auto-gradient Groups.. Also: Assign Smart Keyboard Shortcuts to 23 new MixColors functions, Edit/UpdateNext generation of color swatches: Auto-gradient Groups. Swatches, better, 2x faster, more robust UI. Even more!

- Auto-gradient of Swatches between Photoshop foreground & background or between any colors! Easily get colors inbetween. Smart resizing of the groups so you have only the swatches you need. Shift+click to mix to current color.
- Right-click to edit swatch
- Clear Color History, Undo/Redo colors with Keyboard Shortcuts
- Quickly add color swatches to the mix with Shift+click!
- Easily assign Keyboard Shortcuts to:
Directly add Color Swatches using keyboard, Add Foreground Color into Color Mix, Clear Color History, Undo/Redo Color (Navigate Color History, to get back to older colors you chose), Pick Color from Mix into History, Toggle Mix Eyedropper, Toggle Auto-Sync, Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with main color or Photoshop colors, Mix colors with main color and then update mixer, Toggle MixColors panel
- Fast UI - uses new MagicPicker color wheel framework. Faster resizing, faster redraws, very responsive
- Hide upper part of the panel with mixers and use only swatch grouping
- Rearrange groups with drag'n'drop!
- Supports Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018+
- Improvements, fixes, more!

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