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[Rev Share] 2D Concept and 3D Artist for Fleet Hackers

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We are looking for a position for artists interested in VR game development.

Roles available include:

- Spaceship Exterior Concept Artist
- Sci-Fi interior concept artist
- Technical 3D Artist - Modular Level Design
- 3D Character Artist

What is Fleet Hackers?

We are developing a VR game set in an open world space environment. Players have the ability to transport themselves across vast distances in first-person mode in starships, and be able to control the ship through a holographic interface from the bridge.

The game is designed to be an open world space simulation, meaning while the ship is in flight, players can move about the ship freely, teleport of fly to other vessels, fight enemies in tight corridors, and attack enemy hard points from the seat of a fighter cockpit all seamlessly. We are focusing heavily on the immersion value of VR, bringing the sense of a cinematic thrill to the bridge of a starship. Our characters will be fully interactive and allow for conversations and physical interaction, whether it be aggression, playful, or romantic. Our definition of the core game can simply be stated as tackling the creation of the most immersive space game ever made.

You can check out our past iterations of Fleet Hackers here: https://www.vacuumdoor.com/

Revenue share is based on hours of contribution, but will start at %10 for a minimum of 10 hours per week of development work.

Feel free to message me on polycount or email me at [email protected]
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