[WIP] Kol'kira, Hero Protoss Immortal - An immovable Object vs an Unstoppable Force.

insane polycounter
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Brian "Panda" Choi insane polycounter
Working on a Hero Protoss Immortal model.

Aiming for a fairly high poly cinematic version, almost like a statue.

Also want to do a damaged version where you see the pilot.

And preferrably have it in close combat vs an Ultralisk.

//Current Update
WIP 14

I think I'm in a place where I'm satisfied with the detailing, minus a damage pass.

I'm gonna step away and either work on the ultralisk or the Protoss pilot to prep it for the final vision in my head about this being a diorama.

Gonna get some beauty shots done for the portfolio.

Any criticisms about the dedsign, please let me know!  I still feel as if something is critically missing.


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