Houdini and Substance Designer Hair Card Kit

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Hello all, 

I wanted to share Hairdini:  A procedural hair card making kit using Houdini and a custom built Substance Designer Hair material. 


You plug in a Houdini Hair Object and out come hair cards that can be styled and have auto uvs, a comb map, pivot painter support for animation, texture atlas, lightmap, and add the Hairdini Substance Material.  

Video has samples since there's built in Pivot Painter support for animation etc.  Is there a way to embed YouTube?  

Check it out on ArtStation

Or on GumRoad 


  • goekbenjamin
    hey there this looks quite nice.
    is it possible to us it with "Houdini Apprentice"? How flexible is that plugin if you want to create curly hair?

    It feels somewhat weird that nobody was commenting in that post :)
  • Psynema
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    Psynema polycounter lvl 2
    Houdini Apprentice you won't be able to export FBX files which shuts down the Pivot Painter featuers listed, but will work within Houdini "static" without Pivot Painter.  

    Curly hair you can just style the hair within Houdini and the cards will reflect that or curl the cards as listed in the documentation, just be wary of poly counts with curly hair.  
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